Ellingham Platform - Technical Preview

Announcement for new business platform.

On Saturday 4th of July, as the lock down is being eased across the UK, Ellingham Innovations is announcing the development of our new Ellingham Platform. A modular, cloud based, business management system.

Our technical preview, for cutting-edge businesses and developers, will become accessible to those approved. Those approved at this stage will receive free medium-tier access for life.

Our technical preview will be released in stages, each stage increasing feature-set and abilities. These stages are flexible, allowing us to move plans and ideas around to provide what you want most.

Phase 1 of Technical Preview

  • DevOps module - a developer/it focused tool for Agile, Scrum, KanBan and mixed methodologies.
  • Inspections module - a tool for managing on-site and remote inspections, such as Health and Safety inspections.
  • Mobile Backend API - a CRUD database for simple mobile app backends with dynamic API

Phase 2 of Technical Preview

  • Communications Integration Module - manage your business communications (email, SMS and Push notification)
  • To be announced...

Fully audited, fully secure

Important records, as standard, are fully audited with a diff audit trail, accessible to all account tiers.

Security Groups and advanced permission settings allow fine management of your security policies and business setup.

Contact Us for more details and application.

Details are subject to change, no warranties or guarantees provided during the technical preview.