EU Exit

The UK is leaving the EU. Here are some details on the affect of Brexit to your services.

Your Services

We have taken steps to ensure that Brexit has no negative consequences on your services.


All of our servers are located within the UK with our main servers being in London. All data, including back-ups are held in the UK.


Brexit will not affect domain name ownership.


All emails managed by Ellingham Innovations are managed on servers located within the UK. When sending and receiving emails, we cannot guarantee the exact path the data will take to reach it's destination or the location of the external service.

External Services

Our standard services are all prepared for Brexit. This may differ for services that are not standard and third-partiy services. If you have any concerns about your current services, contact support for more information. SMS Messaging, emails and document storage will not be affected by Brexit.

Additional Information

The government has provided additional information on how Brexit could affect you and your business. Visit for more information .